The National Association of Public Pension Attorneys, NAPPA, is a legal professional and educational organization.  Created in 1987, its membership consists exclusively of attorneys who represent public pension funds.  Its purpose is to provide educational opportunities and informational resources for its member attorneys.

NAPPA organizes and conducts an annual educational conference each June designed to provide its members an opportunity to meet others in the public pension field with the same legal challenges they are facing and to network with other members.  The conference begins on Tuesday afternoon with a session for new attorneys in the field and concludes with a business lunch on Friday.  Continuing Education Credit is available and usually runs from 15 to 24 hours, including 1.5 hours of ethics.  The program consists of sessions on ethics/fiduciary, federal and state legislation, investment issues, benefit issues as well as other pertinent and timely issues.

Each February, Seminar meetings are held which allows members to participate in more extensive discussion of specialized areas of pension law.  The Seminar meeting topics are Benefits, Fiduciary & Plan Governance, Investments and Tax.  NAPPA members are invited to any or all of the Seminar meetings.

NAPPA publishes a semi-annual newsletter, The NAPPA Report, which keeps the membership abreast of the most recent occurrences in the field.

NAPPA's webpage, www.nappa.org, has some areas that are for our membership only and are therefore password protected.  In addition to the website, there is a networking tool called the Listserve.  NAPPA members may send inquires to the Listserve which is then forwarded to the entire membership.  Interested members may reply to the Listserve e-mail.  This has proven, for NAPPA members, to be a very valuable asset.

NAPPA has a nine member Executive Board.  Board members serve terms of three years with a two-term limit.  The staff includes the Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Aide, and Administrative Technician.

For further information regarding NAPPA you may go to the  membership information link or contact the NAPPA staff.


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