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Membership FAQs


1) What are the requirements for becoming a NAPPA member?
To become a NAPPA member, you must be an actively licensed attorney who regularly provides representation for or advice to one or more public employee pension plans.

2) Where can I get a copy of the forms needed for membership?
Forms required for membership can be found on the NAPPA web site under the “Join NAPPA” tab, “Membership Details and Applications.”

3) How much does it cost to become a NAPPA member?
NAPPA membership costs depend on the category of membership and are payable annually.   

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP STRUCTURE AND FEES (present time through September 30, 2017):

Governmental Members (No limit on number of members).

The first member is the primary member and pays a fee of $450 per calendar year.  All subsequent members of the same fund are associate members and pay a fee of $250 per member per calendar year.

Non-Governmental Members (Limit of ten per firm):

Cost is $450 per member.



Governmental Members (No limit on number of members). There will no longer be a primary and associate subcategory.

Governmental Membership             $300 per calendar year per member

Non-Governmental Members (Limit of ten per firm).

Non-Governmental membership       $475 per calendar year per member

4) When do I owe NAPPA membership dues? 
NAPPA membership dues are to be paid at the time of submitting the membership application. Renewal of dues is based annually on the calendar year (January - December). The renewal period, begins October 1 of each year and are due by the last day of January of the New Year.

5) What forms of payment does NAPPA accept for membership dues?
NAPPA accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for membership dues.

6) How many attorneys from the same fund/firm can be NAPPA members?
Public funds may have an unlimited number of members. Non-Governmental firms may have ten members.

7) If I switch employers, does my NAPPA membership transfer to the new employer?
If you switch employers, your NAPPA membership does not transfer with you. The NAPPA membership remains with the fund/firm that paid for the membership. It is the fund’s/firm’s responsibility to notify NAPPA and request the vacant membership be reassigned to a new member’s application for membership.

8) After I retire can I remain a member of NAPPA?
Yes.  The Retired membership category fee is $50 per calendar year.  Retired membership includes both Governmental and Non-Governmental retirees with at least 10 years of membership in NAPPA.  Membership entitles the retired member access to the list serve, the newsletter, and they will have access to the online membership directory. Retired members may attend the Legal Education Conference or Winter Seminar if the full registration fee is paid. If the retired member is not attending the conference, but desires to attend one social event during a conference, they may attend if they pay the per-person cost of the social event.

9) What is the policy related to members scheduling events during the Legal Education Conference?
Members may not schedule events that conflict with conference sessions or NAPPA events, per the NAPPA Code of Conduct. A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found on the NAPPA website under the “Join NAPPA” tab.

10) What is the policy related members marketing during NAPPA events?
As provided in the NAPPA Bylaws, Section 4.F, members may not solicit business for themselves or their firm, organization, or business entity through NAPPA or at any NAPPA activity. Members may not use the membership list for commercial mailing purposes and may not provide it to non-members.