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Membership Details and Applications


NOTE:  Please do not  log in under another member's name to complete a membership application.  This will corrupt the current member's membership information.  Just click on the appropriate application below to begin.

There are multiple membership categories in NAPPA:  governmental members, non-governmental members, and retired members.  The membership criteria for each category is as follows:

  • Governmental membership is limited to actively licensed attorneys who are public employees who regularly provide representation for, or advice to, one or more public employee pension plans, and are employed by a public employee pension plan. If you are unsure if there are other NAPPA members from your organization, please contact NAPPA at 573-616-1895 before completing one of the Governmental applications.
    • The governmental membership fee for the first member (known as the Primary member) is $450 annually.
    • The governmental membership fee for additional members (known as the Associate member) is $250 annually.
  • Non-governmental membership may be granted to actively licensed attorneys who regularly provide representation for, or advice to, one or more public employee pension plans.  Effective February, 2015, there can be no more than ten (10) non-governmental members from any single firm or company.
    • The non-governmental membership fee is $450 annually per member.
  • Retired membership is open to former NAPPA members (Governmental and Non-Governmental) who (i) were members of NAPPA for at least 10 years; (ii) are no longer providing legal or any other services, directly or indirectly, to a public employee pension plan; (iii) are not presently representing or seeking to represent a plan or plans as members of a class; (iv) are not presently representing nor seeking to represent any party or client adverse to the interest of a public employee pension plan or plans; and (v) are not eligible for membership under another category of membership. Retired Membership entitles a member to receive access to the NAPPA website, E-list (listserve), The NAPPA Report, and Retired Members will be listed in the active membership directory on the website.  Persons in this membership category may attend the conference, if the full registration fee is paid.  A Retired member who is not attending the conference, but desires to attend one social event during a conference, may attend if the per-person cost of the social event is paid.
    • The retired membership fee is $50 annually.